December Small Plates

Vatton Chicken Porridge, Lacto Leeks, Mull Cheddar 6

Chicken Liver Parfait Doughnuts, Oloroso Jam 8

Flashadder Bbq Hoggat Taco, Pickles and Hummus 16

Pork Quaver, XO Dip 6

Salt Cod Croquet, Burnt Heather Aioli, Orbost Sauerkraut 12

Smoked Roe, Cultured Cream, Tapioca Crackers  6

Langoustine Prawn Toast,  Sesame 12

Sconcer Scallop, Fennel & Gherkins, Iberico 8

Hot Smoked Cauliflower, Aubergine, Apple 14

Staffin Seaweed, Crispy Chillis & Onions  6

Jerusalem Artichoke , Miso, Chanterelle Butter 8

Roast Potatoes, Confit Garlic, Crème Fraiche  8

Chocolate, Miso, Hazelnut, Milk, Roasted Yeast   9

Cardamom Whiskey & Apple Ice Cream, White Chocolate 9

Campbelltown Smoked Cheddar,Oats, Fermented Pine 9  

Blue Murder, Earl Grey Teacake, Honey Pear  9

We are inspired by the rich natural produce and beautiful surroundings on the Isle of Skye to create dishes from freshly foraged edible plants, fungi, seaweed and shellfish all year-round.